Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android is an easy to use, at home blood pressure monitor that makes staying healthy a bit easier and convenient. It can be found easily on Amazon. This blood pressure monitor is comfortable and easy to use, it quickly syncs with your device using the Withings health mate app, allowing you to monitor your blood pressure more accurately, whenever you need to. The monitor is easy to adjust to your body, allowing various body types to get an accurate blood pressure read. The monitor comes in a stylish green/silver design and removes the bulky discomfort that standard hospital monitors deliver. This review will go over various aspects of this monitor, rating each feature on a scale of 1 to 5, to better assist each reader before they make their purchase.

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This monitor is made to be comfortable and easy to use in your own home, or wherever you are. Most users have found the monitor to be very comfortable, as comfortable as a blood pressure monitor could get. The monitor is adjustable, allowing people of all sizes and shapes to adjust the monitor to fit them correctly. Because there are no tubes or bulky, scratchy patches of Velcro, using this monitor is often much more comfortable than using a hospital monitor. Not only is the comfort on par, but because the monitor allows you to take readings at home, the “white coat effect” is largely diminished, giving each users accurate readings. Without the stress and nervousness that comes with getting your blood pressure taken in a medical setting, readings are more accurate to what your blood pressure would be in daily life, compared to when you happen to be sitting in your doctor’s office. Combine this with the high comfort rating, and results begin to show accuracy that is unbeatable.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

Accuracy is an important part of blood pressure reading, the higher the accuracy, the better one can treat any possible blood pressure issues. Because of this, Withings has partnered with many different medical organizations, and has even been FDA approved to provide accurate blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home. Many users have found that the readings from this monitor are much more accurate than in a doctor’s office, especially once the “white coat effect” is removed from the equation. Because of this, many users have been able to take control of and prevent blood pressure issues safely and accurately, leading to better health and a higher quality life. However, some users have found some issues with the software of this device. From app connectivity issues, to cuff reading issues to devices that do not properly turn on. It seems that while the device is working, accurate readings can be expected, though the device does have some bugs here and there which may prevent a reading from even being taken. As the software this device uses continues to develop, it is expected that the device will improve as well.


With all software issues put aside, this monitor seems to score well when it comes to durability. Made with high quality materials, general damage and product issues are rare. This device seems to be built well and made to last, with any issues being purely in hardware/software and not with the physical build of the monitor. Made for all body types, this monitor is not only easy to adjust and use, but holds up well. Hardly any users have had any issues with durability, and overall, the device seems very well made and unlikely to break down with usual, normal, day to day use.

Warranty Information

While this monitor sounds well above average for the price and intended purpose, there is one aspect where this device fails, warranty information. The warranty information for this monitor was nearly impossible to find, and in fact, one must contact the customer service team to be provided with any warranty information at all. The lack of such information may make some buyers less likely to buy, due to the fact that if something were to go wrong, there’s no readily accessible information on what would happen or what is covered.


This blood pressure monitor seems to hold it’s own on the market of at home, DIY health products. The fact that it connects to one’s devices via blue tooth, gives accurate readings, allows users to track and even send their BP readings to their doctors is a definite bonus when it comes to note able at home blood pressure monitors. This device seems to give accurate readings, though does have some issues when it comes to the software the app and monitor uses. However, many buyers have been very pleased with this device and have had no issues at all with the software or the monitor. Overall, this monitor seems like a worthy investment at a decent price that should definitely be considered.

Withings Wireless Review
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