What Instantly Lowers Blood Pressure?

You are suffering from high blood pressure when your reading is above 140/90. When that is the problem, then there is a need to treat it. Because if it persists, it would put you into a series of health risks, which include heart attack, sudden death, stroke, and several others.

What instantly lowers blood pressure?

Try the DASH Diet!

Research has shown that the long-term effect can lead to heart diseases, as well as other complications like heart muscle damage, poor blood circulation and so on. There are different ways to treat that problem. If you want to lower your blood pressure instantly, here are those options that are available to you.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the major causes of high blood pressure is obesity and overweight. If you reduce your weight drastically, you would see that your blood pressure could be lowered instantly. You should look at the various ways of shedding your excess weight, when you do that you would put to an end your blood pressure problem. If you allow overweight to persist, it could complicate the problem for you.

Without weight loss, you would discover that your high blood pressure medication might not work for you. Ensure that your weight is within the healthy range. Consult experts for your healthy weight range.

Take exercise serious

Just a 15-20 minutes walk every day can make a huge difference.

If you want to decrease your blood pressure very fast, then you have to take to regular exercises. You do not need to get to rigorous exercise. Medical experts have indicated that minor walk around your home and getting involved in domestic chores can help to lower your blood pressure, because they are good form of exercises. If you can engage in moderate physical activity for five days in one week, it is a good form of exercise, and it is useful if you are fighting high blood pressure. There are different kinds of exercises you can do; you have to include cardiovascular exercises as one of them. It would be helpful because it would improve blood circulation, enhance your heart efficiency, and improve your lung capacity and so on. If you want to exercise, be serious with it and you can do it outside your home.


DASH is a great strategy that is recommended for people that want to lower their high blood pressure. This refers to taking a healthy diet. Medical experts have always recommend DASH because of the various benefits that can be derived from it. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

DASH recommended different kinds of foods and they range from veggies to fruits, lean proteins, as well as grain and no fat diary items and so on.

If you want to implement this method, you have to start with three full means as well as two to three snacks daily. The main thing here is that the food you eat must be fiber rich vegetables, it must be colorful, and it has to contain a small quantity of lean protein.

Some of the snacks that are recommended for you include seeds, nuts, as well as fresh fruits. Moreover, you need to know that DASH does not emphasize food deprivation. It teaches that you eat full, but you curtail your sodium, as well as artificial sugar intake. This method has proved to be very effective such that some people have reported that it has helped them to reduce their blood pressure by 14 mmHg and so on.

Cut down on sugar intake

All findings about high blood pressure have recommended a drastic cut in sodium intake. Sodium refers to salt. If you form the habit of reducing the quantities of sodium in food you consume, it is going to lower your blood sugar greatly. Major salt people consume that triggers up their blood level is from food prepared in restaurants. If you were able to reduce your sodium intake by more than 1500mg in a day, it would lower your blood pressure.

Manage and reduce stress

Most importantly, if you want to lower your blood pressure instantly, then you have to manage and reduce your stress. Stress can lead to lots of things such as overweight. While you are dealing with most of your stressing activities, you can take other minor activities that can take you away from those strenuous activities that put you into stress and pressure.

All these point to the fact that you must change your lifestyle and do away with those things that put you into pressure and stress.