Panasonic EW3006S Review

The Panasonic EW3006S is perhaps one of the more heavy-duty blood pressure monitor wrist straps on the market. This becomes apparent the second you take it out of the box. At roughly thirteen ounces, there’s no denying that this is one of the more weighted products of its type. The Panasonic EW3006S covers all of the basics as it should and even checks your pulse rate in the process. While such a feature may seem rather bland and standard, I like seeing it in a wrist strap, as it makes careful monitoring of your pulse very easy, being that you can do so anywhere you may happen to be at the time.

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The Panasonic EW3006S comes at quite an agreeable price when compared to other blood pressure monitors on the market while still covering all of the proper bases. As such, it is likely most suited toward those who have no intention of using any fancy features and, as such, would rather not pay for said features to be apparent in their blood pressure monitor. Let’s see how it stacks up to similar wrist strap blood pressure monitors.


Personally, I’m just not a huge fan of the size and weight of the Panasonic EW3006S. While it may not seem that heavy in comparison to blood pressure monitors as a whole, it’s important to remember that this particular unit is meant to be strapped to your wrist. When such is the case, I would like to see something at least a little more lightweight in stature. At times, you may even find it to feel like a wrist weight. While this shouldn’t prove a problem in your own home, it becomes quite apparent when you find yourself checking up on your blood pressure on the go.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

Of coarse, it all truly boils down to whether or not the product works for checking your blood pressure. As it turns out, the Panasonic EW3006S does a fine job in this regard. While I may not be the best person to ask (I’m only one person after all), if you take a look at the product’s official Amazon page and scroll through product reviews, you’ll notice a complete absence of past and present customers who would take up issue with the unit’s ability to give them the right reading every time. If all that matters to you is a high level of accuracy, the Panasonic EW3006S is an excellent choice.


I’ve spoken out against a variety of wrist strap blood pressure monitors in the past regarding their durability. This specifically applies to those which are rather heavy in nature, as you may have to be extra careful to make sure it doesn’t fall off of your arm (and break) before its band fully inflates. The Panasonic EW3006S, as it turns out, is one of the heaviest wrist straps on the market, a trait which goes on to further amplify this problem. If you keep the monitor from dropping you’ll be fine. Though, due to its heavy stature, I simply could not give it a decent durability score.

Warranty Information

The Panasonic EW3006S’ warranty is simply average. Perhaps even a little bit below average. Still, a two-year warranty is close enough to the average warranty to warrant an equally average rating. The warranty in question covers all possible manufacturing mishaps (mechanical parts, electrical parts, etc.), ensuring your model works from the get go, which is certainly a nice plus. While some blood pressure monitors come with warranties which only protect you from certain manufacturing mishaps, that is not the case here.

Overall Summary

There’s no question as to whether or not the Panasonic EW3006S has a couple of shortcomings regarding its durability and comfort. These stem solely from the weight of the unit. When it comes to something I’ll be wearing around my wrist, I just don’t want something as clunky as the Panasonic EW3006S.

However, there’s no denying that, in terms of accuracy and quality, the Panasonic EW3006S is a great unit for the price. Whether you’re trying to save a couple bucks or don’t plan on reading your blood pressure on the go (thus eliminating the problems inherent in the unit), the Panasonic EW3006S may very well be the blood pressure monitor for you.

To read further on the Panasonic EW3006S, or to pick one up for yourself, visit its official Amazon page.

Panasonic EW3006S Review
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