Ozeri BP2M Review

A blood pressure monitor which is meant to be strapped around the wrist, the Ozeri BP2M is a rather small and portable means by which one may get a blood pressure reading on the go, wherever they may happen to be. This makes it great for traveling and even just for carrying around in your pocket, assuming you find yourself in need of checking your blood pressure on a fairly regular basis. It functions exactly like nearly every other basic blood pressure monitor; it does not test for a variety of potential ailments, nor will it connect to a smartphone. Its only real distinguishing feature is its color display, which lets one know their blood pressure’s current impact on their health (blue is good, yellow is potentially worrisome and red is bad).

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While it may not be nearly as advanced as many of the blood pressure monitors on today’s market – which can sometimes act more like all-around health and fitness tools than simple blood pressure monitors – the Ozeri BP2M does a great job of doing what it is advertised as being able to do. It’s easily one of the easiest blood pressure monitors to use and comes a quite an agreeable price, making it a prime candidate for a whole lot of potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at its specs and see just how true this is.


I’m usually not a fan of wrist strap blood pressure monitors which have you strap the entire machine to your arm. I’ll have to make an exception to this rule for the Ozeri BP2M; however, being that the unit is just so small and light. I’m not exaggerating when I say it will pose little more of a burden than a watch. As such, it’s easily one of the most comfortable wrist straps of its type on the market.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

When it comes to blood pressure reading accuracy, a product can either be good or it can be bad. There’s truly no in between. In the case of the Ozeri BP2M, you’ll get the accuracy you need every time. While the brand may not be as well-known for its accuracy as some larger, more recognizable brands, it certainly does a great job in this regard. I’ll also note that the display is very easy to read, which one could say indirectly increases the unit’s accuracy through eliminating human error on behalf of the owner to some degree or another.


Once again, the Ozeri BP2M seems to excel where a large portion of wrist straps do not. Typically, I take up issue with strapping the entire machine to my wrist. This is only made worse by the fact that wrist strap blood pressure monitors typically have a large screen which is easy to break. But, because the Ozeri BP2M is just so small and so light in weight, I truly don’t find myself all that worried about dropping and breaking the product.

Warranty Information

This is easily where the Ozeri BP2M most exceeds expectations. Typically, a two or three-year warranty is considered “fair” when it comes to blood pressure monitors, wrist straps or otherwise. As such, it’s hard to complain about the Ozeri BP2M’s five-year warranty. This not only adds a degree of assurance and consumer protection to your purchase, but shows just how confident the manufacturer is in their product. The warranty is especially great when one considers that the Ozeri BP2M can be had for under forty dollars. That’s over one year of coverage for every ten dollars spent. It’s hard to find a product in any sector with a warranty that generous.

Overall Summary

If you’re looking for a versatile health and fitness tool, I’d not in good conscience recommend the Ozeri BP2M. The same goes for those looking for advanced features such as smartphone capabilities or a large amount of virtual storage on their unit. For those who want a durable, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor; however, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than the Ozeri BP2M. It has a great warranty, it’s extremely easy to use and you’ll likely find it quite comfortable as well. As a standalone blood pressure monitor wrist strap, the Ozeri BP2M excels in nearly every area.

Ozeri BP2M Review
  • Comfort
  • Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy
  • Durability
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