Omron 7 Series Wireless BP654 Review

Advertised as being a small, discrete alternative to louder, clunkier blood pressure monitors meant to be used in the home, the Omron 7 Series BP654 is rather small in stature and actually comes in one piece (as opposed to some blood pressure monitors which may come in two or even three separate pieces). It is great for use both in the home and even abroad. Plan on taking a road trip sometime soon but would still like to keep track of your health along the way? The Omron 7 Series BP654 makes this possible.

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Like many Omron blood pressure monitors, the unit also comes with smartphone capabilities. While you will not be able to measure your blood pressure with your smartphone, you will be able to track it. Making the unit great for the long-term monitoring of one’s health. That being said, let’s go on to take a look at some of the Omron 7 Series BP654’s main specifications and see how it stacks up to other blood pressure monitors, temporarily forgetting about its smartphone capabilities merely for the sake of review through comparison.


Because the Omron 7 Series BP654 is such a small and lightweight piece of technology, it just wouldn’t make sense for me the give it a poor rating on its level of comfort. You’ll likely not feel it weigh you down, nor will you find it very clunky in operation. On the other hand, it wouldn’t make sense for me to give it a good rating on its level of comfort either, being that it requires you to strap the device to your arm. While it’s not too heavy, nothing beats the comfort of a machine that sits on the table while you strap a standard band around your arm.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

As with all Omron blood pressure monitors, the accuracy of the Omron 7 Series BP654’s readings is just perfect; you’ll never hear of customers experiencing issues regarding false readings of any sort. This is the most important aspect of any blood pressure monitor and is what keeps the Omron brand on the map. They simply have a great track record for providing their customers with accurate readings and this particular product by the brand is no different. If all that matters to you is reading accuracy, any Omron unit is always a good choice, which is likely why doctors often recommend the brand to patients in the first place.


Durability is another area where the Omron brand excels as a whole. While some of said durability has carried over to this particular model, I just couldn’t give the Omron 7 Series BP654 a solid five in its durability. This is majorly due to the fact that the machine component is rather small and has a screen which is rather large compared to its overall size. As such, all it takes to break the unit beyond repair is a simple drop on the ground. While such an occurrence is fairly unlikely, it does go on to lower the unit’s overall level of durability in the end.

Warranty Information

After purchasing the Omron 7 Series BP654, you will be entitled to five whole years of coverage through its included warranty. The warranty in question covers any manufacturing defects which may or may not (the latter of which usually being the case) be apparent in the unit you receive. What’s more, Omron is a very reputable brand who is well known for keeping their customers happy in the rare event that something goes wrong, requiring that they cash out on their warranty. You’re getting just a great amount of consumer protection with the Omron 7 Series BP654.

Overall Summary

While perhaps not the best when it comes to the overall level of comfort or durability found in a blood pressure monitor, the Omron 7 Series BP654 proves to be one of the more advanced, high-end products of its type on the market. The unit always gives an accurate reading and even comes with a five-year warranty (which is rather large when compared to many other blood pressure monitors). Couple that with its smartphone capabilities, which make long-term health monitoring a breeze, and you’ve got yourself a great overall blood pressure monitor which will remain suitable for a wide variety of folks.

For more information on the Omron 7 Series BP654, head on over to its official Amazon page for further reading.

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