Omron 7 Series BP652N Review

The Omron 7 Series BP652 is a blood pressure monitor who’s stature falls into the small and lightweight end of the spectrum. Despite being small in size; however, it has quite a large variety of features in relation to similarly-priced blood pressure monitors which serve to better allow its owners to track and improve upon their health through the use of the unit. Despite this, it still covers the basics and covers them well, giving you the proper blood pressure reading you need in a rather short amount of time.

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While many Omron units come with the ability to track one’s readings over a long period of time through the use of smartphone capabilities, the Omron 7 Series BP652 offers its users a decent amount of storage space which can track up to one hundred past readings without the use of any external hardware whatsoever, keeping users in the loop as to how their health has progressed over any given period of time. You’ll also be able to test for irregular heartbeats as well as test your blood pressure on the go through its small size. This makes it great for traveling as well as typical, at-home use.


I’ll start with the good. The Omron 7 Series BP652 is a very small blood pressure monitor to the point that it may even be slipped into one’s pocket. This increases its overall level of comfort through ensuring you don’t have a gigantic machine attached to your wrist. At the same time, I’m not too thrilled with the fact that the machine is directly attached to the arm band, requiring that you wrap the entire unit around your wrist. While this can be adjusted to rather easily with a bit of time, it definitely takes away from the overall level of comfort of the unit.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

If there’s any factor in which every Omron model excels, it’s in giving its owners an accurate rating. And, as it turns out, the Omron 7 Series BP652 does not deviate from this trend. With this unit, you will simply never find yourself worrying about not getting the perfect reading from your blood pressure monitor. In fact, this is so true that doctors who recommend a patient gets an at-home blood pressure monitor are most likely to recommend the Omron brand. If anything, this goes on to illustrate just how accurate and effective this product is.


As previously stated, to use the Omron 7 Series BP652, you’ll be required to attach the entire unit to your arm. As such, it just doesn’t give the greatest feeling in terms of perceived durability. It goes without saying that any sort of machine will be safer on a secure counter top than on its owner’s arm. What’s more, the unit also comes with a giant screen on one of its two biggest sides. Of coarse, screens are typically not the most durable part of any piece of technology. However, I’ll note that, unless you actually end up dropping the unit, you can reasonably expect it to stick around for quite some time, which is why I’ve given it an average rating on its level of durability.

Warranty Information

In the world of at-home blood pressure monitors, the average and expected warranty seems to last for roughly two or three years. As such, it’s safe to say that the Omron 7 Series BP652’s five-year warranty is a cut above the rest. For five years, you won’t have to worry about any manufacturing defects. This is the type of consumer protection I’d like to see more of in similar products.

Overall Summary

Despite not being the most durable or most comfortable unit on the market, the Omron 7 Series BP652 belongs to a brand which is well known for its generous warranties, very accurate blood pressure readings and a large degree of customer satisfaction through the brand’s ability and willingness to quickly and politely resolve any issues which may come up with one of their products. For the accurate, long-term monitoring of your vital health markers, the Omron 7 Series BP652 should prove to be a worthy contender among products of its type through its ability to track and monitor several different heart-related health markers.

Omron 7 Series Review
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