Omron 3 Series BP629N Review

A blood pressure monitor in the form of a wrist strap, the Omron 3 Series BP629N is quite similar to many of the installments within the Omron 7 series. If you’ve become acquainted with said line, you’ll likely be familiar with many of the features found in the BP629N, as well as others within the Omron 3 series. More or less, the Omron 3 Series BP629N is essentially an Omron 7 Lite.

For the uninitiated, the Omron 3 Series BP629N is a small, lightweight blood pressure monitor which can be worn almost like a watch. It tracks blood pressure seamlessly, with accuracy and in a relatively short amount of time. As an added bonus, it is also able to diagnose instances of hypertension on the spot (though it perhaps shouldn’t replace a doctor for this sole purpose) and it can pick up on irregular heartbeats while in the process of monitoring your blood pressure.

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It comes in a rather modest white and gray design which isn’t exactly going to turn heads, though nobody would call it “ugly” by any means. It tends to be a well-rounded blood pressure monitor and comes at a great price. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Omron 3 Series BP629N’s specs.


If you’ve read any of my reviews on the Omron 7 Series incarnations, you’ll know that I wasn’t a huge fan of having to strap the entire machine to the wrist to get a reading. While the Omron 3 Series BP629N still needs to be strapped to one’s wrist in its entirety, the unit itself is somewhat smaller than the Omron 7. While it’s not a whole lot smaller, it’s enough that I can bump up its comfort rating to a four, as opposed to the three I had given the Omron 7.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

As with every other blood pressure monitor released by the Omron brand, the Omron 3 Series BP629N is great at getting the perfect reading the first time, every time. Doctors most recommend the brand as a whole, seemingly for this reason. While the Omron 3 Series BP629N is certainly not the only blood pressure monitor as accurate as it is, it’s nice to get a product from a brand who has proven its accuracy and reliance time and time again through its track record of accurate readings and happy customers. For an accurate reading, you can’t go wrong with the Omron 3 Series BP629N.


I’ve given Omron wrist straps very average ratings on their durability in the past, and this particular unit will be treated no differently. Because the Omron 3 Series BP629N has a rather large screen in relation to its overall size, and because one is required to strap the entire machine onto their wrist to have it operate, the risk of dropping the entire unit and breaking the screen is there. While the risk may not be high (which is why the unit has been given a rather middle-of-the-road durability score as opposed to a low one), the risk is still there.

Warranty Information

The warranty on the Omron 3 Series BP629N is simply of average duration. No more; no less. The reason I’ve given it a score of four (as opposed to three) is due to the fact that using your warranty in the event tragedy strikes is a rather simple ordeal. Time and time again, the folks down at the Omron company have shown that they have no problem living up to their end of the bargain in a polite, timely and responsive manner. In the event that something goes wrong and you find yourself needing to cash out on your warranty, doing so will be a breeze with the Omron 3 Series BP629N.

Overall Summary

Simply put, the Omron 3 Series BP629N is quite similar to nearly every other Omron wrist strap. It comes with a moderate level of durability, a moderate level of comfort, a decent warranty and an ability to keep your blood pressure readings as accurate as possible. When you buy the Omron 3 Series BP629N, you’re buying a brand name which has a proven record of trust, consumer protection and accuracy; the latter of which being the most important factor one should be looking for in any sort of blood pressure monitor.

Omron 3 Series Review
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