Omron 10 Series Wireless ComFit Cuff Review

As with all installments within the Omron 10 Series, this particular unit focuses not only on reading one’s blood pressure as it should, but on offering a wide variety of advanced features which serve to set this product apart from similar models on the market. While you may find yourself paying a bit of an extra premium to take advantage of the advanced features in question, you’ll likely still find that the Omron 10 Series offers a great bang for your buck, assuming you plan on taking advantage of its more advanced capabilities.

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Unlike some similar Omron 10 Series units, who’s advanced features sometimes do nothing in the way of blood pressure monitoring (though tend to be useful in other ways), this particular model allows you to track your blood pressure over time through the optional use of a smartphone, which some folks may find quite useful. With that out of the way, let’s forget about the Omron 10 Series’ smartphone capabilities for a moment and focus on its specs as a standalone blood pressure monitor.


You’ll notice that I gave the Omron 10 Series an above-average score on its comfort, though not an absurdly high rating. Its high rating is due solely to the size and weight of the unit, which feels like little more than an armband when speaking purely of its tendency to weigh the user down. While you perhaps may not be walking around with it on your arm all day, a lighter unit makes for a more comfortable unit. The reason I couldn’t give it a solid five out of five is due solely to the fact that, outside of being small and lightweight in stature, the unit has no features built in which are meant to increase the level of comfort it offers.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

The fact that the Omron 10 Series works in conjunction with smartphones may scare some folks away, being that blood pressure monitors have been perfected for many years, while smartphones have not. However, upon taking a close look at user reviews, you’ll notice that the Omron 10 Series gives a proper reading the first time, every time. This is, of coarse, the most important aspect to look for in anything that tracks our health. And, as it turns out, this is a factor in which the Omron 10 Series greatly excels. In terms of accuracy alone, you can’t go wrong with this blood pressure monitor.


Rating the Omron 10 Series on its durability was actually not a very straightforward process, being that there are two large factors to consider. When using the unit according to its instructions, one can expect it to last seemingly forever. Of coarse, this is great. However, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

I really had no other choice than to knock two points off of the Omron 10 Series’ durability score due to the fact that one side of it is a giant screen. As we’ve all by now come to realize, a handheld device’s weakest link always lies within the screen. In the event that you end up dropping the unit on a hard surface, you may find yourself in need of a new blood pressure monitor.

Warranty Information

While some warranties on other Omron products may be a little wishy-washy, this is not so much the case here. This Omron 10 Series unit offers a straightforward three-year warranty, ensuring some degree of durability, longevity and consumer protection. While three years may not be the highest warranty available, it’s certainly a reasonable length of time to expect in a product of its type.

Overall Summary

This Omron 10 Series unit stays rather consistent with other products offered by the manufacturer in the past. You can expect a reasonable degree of durability and comfort, a high degree of accuracy in blood pressure readings and some great, advanced features which may prove to help you along your health journey. Those who tend to be glued to their smartphones will likely appreciate what the Omron 10 Series has to offer and will likely find it to be one of the more convenient ways to go about tracking one’s blood pressure both now and in the long term.

Omron 10 Series Wireless Review
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