Microlife 3MC1-PC Ultimate Automatic Review

The Microlife 3MC1-PC goes back to the basics through going with what we know works and adverting itself as a basic-yet-effective means by which one may measure and track their blood pressure from the comfort of their own home. This product is best for those who simply want a convenient way of measuring their blood pressure while skipping on many of the advanced and sometimes-complicated features inherent in many blood pressure monitors found on today’s market. Whether or not the Microlife 3MC1-PC’s very basic stature is to be prized truly all comes down to what it is a user is looking for in their next purchase. I’ll say right from the start that if you’re looking for any features outside of blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, you may want to continue shopping around some more. Otherwise, keep reading to find the Microlife 3MC1-PC’s specs below.

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The Microlife 3MC1-PC’s level of comfort is very high. The unit itself comes in a rather traditional design and is akin to what one might expect to see at a doctor’s office. To operate the Microlife 3MC1-PC, one need only strap the band around their arm while a machine sitting in front of them applies pressure. The feel of the unit overall is likely something we’ve all become accustomed to through having regular checkups. Of coarse, this goes on to increase its level of comfort for the average person.

Another advantage you’ll find is that, outside of the Microlife 3MC1-PC’s arm band, you won’t have to connect a whole lot of equipment to your arm, unlike many units which have you strap small machines to yourself. While I think health is much more important than the comfort of a blood pressure monitor, having something comfortable and easy to use is certainly a nice bonus to be had.

Blood Pressure Reading Accuracy

Of coarse, the most important factor to consider when it comes to any sort of product that tracks different health markers is the accuracy of the product in question. It doesn’t matter how easy it is to use a health tracker if it doesn’t truly work to begin with. Luckily, the folks who brought us the Microlife 3MC1-PC seem to agree completely with this sentiment. Say what you will about the unit’s lack of advanced features or old-school look; it works and it works well. When all that matters is getting a proper reading, the Microlife 3MC1-PC will do just fine.


I gave the Microlife 3MC1-PC a high durability score due in part to its ease of use. Much like the difference between operating a bicycle and a plane, the Microlife 3MC1-PC is very easy to operate and leaves little room for human error. This in turn lowers the occurrence of durability issues in the long run. I couldn’t give it a five out of five simply because a small amount of previous customers have complained about the unit’s structural integrity. Also, those who make a point of only buying products from America or Canada due to a higher perceived level of durability will be disappointed to know the unit comes from China. However, its country of origin shouldn’t make too much of a difference to most consumers.

Warranty Information

The manufacturer of the Microlife 3MC1-PC advertises no warranty at all, but rather instructs potential customers to contact customer support for warranty details. Now, this isn’t to say that the Microlife 3MC1-PC comes with no warranty whatsoever. My issue here is that the manufacturer can change their warranty as they see fit. Just because your aunt got a five-year warranty on her unit does not necessarily mean you will get the same (although you most likely will). This shows a lack of transparency and poor organization among the company which simply leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Currently, the unit’s warranty is five years, though many customers likely have no clue that this is the case. As such, I’ll give the Microlife 3MC1-PC a two out of five on its warranty.

Overall Summary

Despite my distaste for the company’s lack of organizational skills, there’s no denying that they know how to make a great product. As someone who simply wants to get down to business and test my blood pressure, I love that the Microlife 3MC1-PC doesn’t make me jump through hoops to do so. Sometimes “basic” is synonymous with “cheap,” though this is not one of those times.

Microlife 3MC1-PC Review
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