How Accurate are Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors?

wrist blood pressure monitor

With new medical technology becoming available, it has made the way for a more convenient and modern method to measure blood pressure. The old method used a cuff which goes on the upper left arm and a stethoscope was used, but the new way of measuring blood pressure attaches the device to the wrist, and is known as a blood pressure monitor. One advantage to this is that it is easier to fit on any wrist, no matter the weight of the person. Some larger people are unable to even use the upper arm monitors, so the wrist ones are an ideal solution.

The wrist monitor, if used properly, is quite effective, however you must follow the exact procedures and directions to get results that are accurate. The position of the body affects the accuracy of this monitor, so you need to be very careful when using it. Doctors say that the wrist and arm needs to be at the level of your heart so you can get an accurate reading. Most wrist monitors are created to adapt to the requirement of the positioning of the wrist and arm to record blood pressure.

Another advantage of the wrist monitor is the convenience of taking your blood pressure at home. You can get your reading instantly, and if you have been guided and trained correctly to use the wrist monitor, you will confidently be able to get an accurate reading of your blood pressure. If you are ever unsure, then it is always a good idea to see your doctor so he can supervise you and check the accuracy of the reading of your blood pressure. Then your doctor will be able to compare the reading of your wrist monitor with an upper arm one in his office.

taking bp from the wrist

There are some instances, however, in which you can’t really be sure of the accuracy of the reading of your blood pressure so your only choice will be to talk with your doctor and have him verify the accuracy for you. Using the traditional method in this case is helpful to double check the accuracy of your results. There are not many of these cases, and they have not affected the overall good effects of the wrist blood pressure monitors.

The wrist blood pressure monitor is widely accepted since it has some good uses. For measuring your blood pressure right away, especially while traveling, it is an effective tool. A majority of the monitors have a memory recall so it can check for any fluctuations in your readings. Plus, it has a system to monitor for an irregular heartbeat. The monitor has also been clinically validated, and has passed the strict standards of accuracy and safety which are set by a majority of independent medical organizations.

Most people understand that having a heart that is weak means that you have to take necessary precautions such as exercising and eating right. The use of the wrist blood pressure monitor is a great security blanket which helps you to monitor your blood pressure based on convenience and accuracy you need.