How To Calculate Maximum Heart Rate

Most people do not care to know their maximum heart rate. It somehow seems less important. For some, it is because they don’t know how to do it while for others; it is the least thing they can remember. Contrary to many beliefs, knowing your heart rate is very crucial. But before that, what is maximum heart rate? Let us help you understand below.

How to calculate maximum heart rate

Maximum heart rate

This is the number of occasions the heart beats per minute, BPM. Your heart rate rest is measured as your resting heart rate. This does not remain constant but rather reduces as you improve in form. Therefore, it is safe to say that your maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate that you can achieve and depends on your genetics. Having a high or low heart rate is not a way to predict your fitness level.

Well, you now know what the maximum heart rate is; let us see why it is important below.

Importance of determining maximum heart rate

Your heart rate helps you to determine your fitness level. Knowing your maximum heart rate can assist you to avoid over training which affects the quality of your exercising. If you have a low heart rate, then you are likely to under-train as this leads to low-intensity exercises. Additionally, Individuals who under-train will take considerably longer to see the outcomes they wish.

Being aware of your maximum heart rate will help you to avoid pushing your body beyond your fitness level. Over-training may result in dehydration and therefore put you at risk of fainting or getting chronic infections.

A person’s resting heart rate provides one with a great approach into one’s personalized heart rate zone sets. Progress in due course and training can be shown by it, offering one a vital feedback on health and the level of fitness.

How to determine your maximum heart rate

Did you know you can calculate your highest heart rate? There are several ways to calculate exercise intensity. However, using your highest heart rate to create target training zones is the most familiar and dependable method. Below we provide you with a concise overview of how to estimate your max heart rate. 

220-Age formula

This calculation is very common. It is considered by many as practically perfect and straightforward. However, for people who have been fit for several years, this formula may not be perfect. Even though it works perfectly with most people, it is vital to cross reference the calculations with empirical data.If your age is 30, then you will determine your maximum heart by doing this, 220-30=190 bpm.


This calculation was created in 2007 and is said to be more accurate than the 220-age formula.

Field tests

Apart from tests and estimations, you can calculate your maximum heart rate by wearing your running shoes, starting your heart rate monitor and going out to the field. This method does not require any laboratory apparatus. It will still give you correct and estimation. You will achieve the exact test results if you do a good exercise. For better results, you will need to ask a friend to join you in the field test. It does feel dull doing something alone, right?

Using laboratory test

You are doing the calculations because you want to know your correct maximum heart rate. After all, who would want to do calculations and get misleading results? The laboratory test is also among the most accurate method of finding your highest heart rate. This only means that your maximum heart should be measured clinically. For this mode of calculation, you need a well-equipped laboratory. There are two ways used to determine the heart rate and they include bicycle stress and treadmill tests. They are taken under the supervision of an exercise physiologist.


While doing the field tests, it is advisable to do them with a training colleague. It is also necessary that you use a heart rate monitor and remember to note the maximum heart rate that you can reach. The kind of activity you do and the altitude may also influence your heart rate. This is because your body adapts to a higher altitude in two weeks. If you are planning on activity on a higher altitude, then remember it requires hard training.