Wayne Harris is a proud Texan who loves homemade barbecue. Growing up on his family’s ranch the older of two brothers, whenever his parents were out taking care of the cattle and pigs it was his job to be sure he and his brother ate. And eat they did- Wayne would often make fried chicken wings, pulled pork from a crock pot, and maybe some steak on the side. Growing up on a farm had its benefits!

wayne harris

Getting older, Wayne decided he wanted to open his own Texan Barbecue restaurant. He convinced his brother Bo to be his waiter and dish washer, and the boys set to work. The business was a great success. People from all over came to their eatery, excited to enjoy true Texan food.

Then it happened. At the restaurant’s first year anniversary celebration their father suffered a fatal heart attack. At the request of their mother, both of the Harris boys went to the doctor to get their own hearts checked out. Luckily Wayne had only somewhat high blood pressure, but Bo’s was dangerously high. The doctor gave them each a blood pressure monitor.

Finding that different monitors had different features and some were just downright inaccurate, Wayne began rating and reviewing blood pressure monitors. At first he didn’t review them publicly – just when he spoke with Bo. He’d write down a few notes, and try new ones when his old monitor needed replacing. But then Bo had a heart attack. He was lucky enough to be in their restaurant, and Wayne heard his blood pressure monitor going off chaotically. His heartbeat was irregular, and his blood pressure was through the roof. Luckily Wayne was able to get Bo to a hospital where he underwent immediate heart surgery.

Wayne Harris Author

Today, both Bo and Wayne spend their time reviewing blood pressure monitors publicly in their blogs. There they re-tell their story of their father passing, and of Bo’s brush with death. If he hadn’t had such a high-quality monitor, the Harris boys knew there would only be one of them left today.

After deciding to go full-time with their blog, the Harris brothers closed their restaurant and now only cook for their family. Wayne lives in the main house on the ranch, with his wife and two daughters. Bo takes care of their mother in the smaller guest house, and together they work the ranch and blog. They are more than ready to help anyone who may need advice on what blood pressure monitor to purchase, and eat their famous barbecue on rare occasions. They are excited to hear your story, and to help you chose the blood pressure monitor that is right for you!